Bill Clements

Bill Clements Group / The Time Killers / Fusegazer

“My Hartke rig always sounds great, no matter what type of venue I'm playing. It's 100% reliable, and that's what I expect on the job. Hartke delivers!”

Inspired at a young age by Geddy Lee, Chris Squire and other prog-rock bass giants, Bill Clements decided early on that the bass guitar would be his path. Foregoing a formal musical education, he embarked on an intensive program of practice and musical research. Even after an industrial accident claimed Bill's right hand and forearm in 1989, he persisted and would eventually evolve from his prog-rock roots to become an internationally recognized solo and ensemble Jazz bassist. Since entering the public consciousness in 2005 with his album Underground Alien Bass, Bill has become known in the bass world as a player’s player. It goes without saying that musicians eveywhere view Bill as an inspiration. To date, his articles, online blogs and YouTube videos have received over a half of a million views.