Gary "Biscuit" Bennett

Freelance Bassist / Tutor

“With crisp highs and mids, along with earth-rumbling lows and awesome construction quality, Hartke gives me everything that I could want or need from a bass rig.”

In 2005, after many years of playing bass with various different bands and covering all genres of music, Gary "Biscuit" Bennett embarked on a solo career which continues to this day. In 2008, he was recognized by Larry Hartke as one of the three "Best Unsigned" bass players worldwide and has been a proud ambassador for Hartke ever since. Biscuit is currently holding down the low end for various projects, both at home in England and internationally, and is recognised as a top session musican and bass tutor/educator. In addition, he continues to work on his solo material and plans to hold a number of bass clinics in UK throughout 2015 and beyond.