Bobby Jarzombek

Fates Warning / Halford / Sebastian Bach / Spastic Ink

“When I'm listening back to my recordings, I want to hear the nice low end of my kicks and floor tom, as well as the crystal clear glistening of my ride, hat and crashes. And I get everything with my Samson Resolv SE8s!”

Texas born and raised, Bobby Jarzombek has been one of the preeminent heavy metal drummers in the world for the past quarter century with dozens of albums and touring credits to his name. After making his recording debut with Juggernaut in 1986, Bobby got his big break when he joined NYC legends Riot for their landmark 1988 release Thundersteel. In 1999, he caught the attention of Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford and Bobby's explosive drumming became a big part of the Metal God's triumphant return with Resurrection. Bobby has also been a part of every subsequent Halford release and tour. In 2006, he was asked to join former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach's band, with whom he continues to record and tour today. That same year, Bobby began his affiliation with long-running progressive metal icons Fates Warning and later recorded the highly acclaimed Sympathetic Resonance album with FW off-shoot Arch/Matheos in 2011. Bobby issued his Performance & Technique instructional drum DVD in 2005 and then teamed up with Platinum Samples for the release of 2011's Bobby Jarzombek Metal MIDI Groove Library.