Brad "Russo" Russell


“The first time I tried Hartke's HA5500 amp and HyDrive 410 cabs, I was blown away! I'm honored to now be part of the Hartke family!”

Born in Detroit, Brad "Russo" Russell was raised in a musically diverse household. Brad recalls his brothers listening to everything from James Brown to Aerosmith, and his mom spinning Bill Evans and Stan Getz records. After studying upright bass in high school, Brad attented the University of Miami and eventually earned his masters degree in music. He later moved to the San Francisco bay area and worked for Shrapnel/Blues Bureau Records producer Mike Varney. Brad has performed/recorded with a variety of artists, including Mariah Carey, Clarence Clemons, Gary Hoey, Neal Schon and Lonnie Smith. Currently living in NYC, Brad has also performed for Broadway musicals such as GreaseJersey Boys, Memphis and Rock of Ages.

Fans of lead rock bass will not be disappointed by Brad's debut record, Let Hear It!, recorded on Steve Vai's Digital Nations record label. Brad taps, slaps and shreds his 4-string bass, making it sound more like a 6-string guitar. At times, his solos bring to mind Vai and Jeff Beck more than they do bass players. Guitar great Joe Satriani joins Brad on the album for a heavy shred fest.