Carly Jo Jackson


Samson gives me the power to be an independent gigging musician with their high-quality, easy-to-use audio gear.”

This Orlando, FL-bred singer-songwriter has wasted no time since receiving her first guitar for her 16th birthday. After only a year of playing, Carly Jo Jackson released her first album of original material, World At My Feet, at just 17 years old. Carly Jo then enrolled in college in South Florida, which gave her a new perspective and inspired her critically acclaimed single "Wildflower". In 2014, Carly Jo advanced to Judgment Week of Americas Got Talent, appearing in two televised episodes in the show's 9th season. As the 2015 Belk Southern Musicians showcase winner, she has also appeared at festivals, events and in TV ads for Belk Department stores. After a recent move to Miami, Carly Jo has been hard at work on her new album, releasing the single "Out of the Blue" with a full EP release expected in Spring 2016.