Dale Stewart


“I love the attack and growl I get from my Hartke gear. But there's a warmth and clarity there too. And on the seventh day God created Hartke, and it was badass!”

Dale Stewart and his band Seether embrace a brand of heavy metal mostly associated with the post-grunge era of alternative music, complete with crunchy distortion and brooding textures. The band emerged in 1999 as Saron Gas (a name taken from the back of a sound effects CD) and released their debut album, Fragile the following year on Musketeer Records.They broke-out when they collaborated with Amy Lee of Evanescence on the song "Broken" giving the band recognition in America. 2010's release Holding on to Strings Better Left to Fray has made Seether a top rock act.They will be featured on the 2011 Uproar festival with Avenged Sevenfold and other top metal acts. Seether is one of the few bands out there today with the ability to play heavy music yet remain commercially viable. Originally from South Africa, Stewart and his band have begun to gain fame amongst rock fans all over the world.

Dale Stewart of Seether with his Hartke Rig