Dave Mustaine


Mustaine is a thrash metal legend. After meeting bass player David Ellefson in 1983, Dave attempted to start his own band. After an initial search for a lead singer failed, Dave took over lead vocals, which brought a rush of aggression and intensity to the newly-formed Megadeth. After their pure thrash debut Killing Is My Business... And Business is Good!, Megadeth released Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?, their first album on a major label. Despite various lineup changes, Dave kept releasing albums with Megadeth, including the 1990 masterpiece Rust in Peace. He continues to tour all over the world with Megadeth and is getting ready to release the band's thirteenth album. Dave has recently been participating in The Big 4 tour, which has Megadeth on a bill will other thrash pioneers Metallica, Anthrax and Slayer.