Derek Roddy

Serpents Rise / Traumedy

Derek Roddy is fast becoming one of the more influential Extreme Metal drummers in the world today, propelling Blast Beat drumming to the forefront of modern playing. When he was 18, Derek began touring as the drummer for punk rock pioneers Bedlam Hour. By his early 20s, he was a working musician, playing in a variety of bands, teaching drum lessons and working in the music retail field. In 1996, Derek joined Malevolent Creation, with whom he recorded and toured. Over the next decade, Derek worked with many groundbreaking Extreme Metal bands, including Hate Eternal. In 2002, he launched his own website along with an online discussion forum dedicated to drumming and related topics. Derek broke new ground as a music educator in 2006 with his instructional book, The Evolution of Blast Beats and later teamed up with Hudson Music in 2009 to release an instructional DVD entitled Blast Beats Evolved. He also has become one of the industry's most popular clinicians, performing at drum festivals all over the world. Currently, Derek is working with his new band, Serpent's Rise, who recently released their self-titled debut album. As an artist and educator, Derek Roddy continues to push the limits of today's music.