Gary Foote

Smokey Robinson / Blood Sweat and Tears / Maxwell

Hartke's LH1000 amps and HyDrive HD cabs offer quite the punch, while maintaining the warmth I’m looking for.”

Bassist/composer/producer Gary Foote is a long time member of the legendary Motown family. After attending Florida State University where he studied music composition and performance, Gary moved to New York City. He quickly emerged on the music scene and began touring with jazz great, drummer Billy Cobham. Whether by teaming up with iconic artists such as Smokey Robinson, Blood Sweat and Tears, Maxwell, Wu Tang Clan and P Diddy’s Bad Boy artists, or by working behind the scenes scoring for film, radio and television, Gary's whirlwind life of music has propelled him to over 75 countries, enthralling audiences on six continents.