Gary Holt

Slayer / Exodus

Gary Holt's first role in legendary Bay Area thrash band Exodus was as Kirk Hammett’s guitar tech. Gary then replaced second guitarist Tim Agnello, and when Hammett left to join Metallica in 1983, he became the bands main songwriter. Exodus released their first album, Bonded By Blood, in 1985. They would go on to become one of the bigger acts in thrash metal with albums like 1989’s Fabulous Disaster. After a long hiatus, Gary reformed Exodus in 2001 and lead the band into the studio to record Tempo of the Damned (2004). Exodus continues to tour and release albums with new singer Rob Dukes. Recently, they've landed spots on Megadeth’s Rust in Peace 20th Anniversary tour and the 2011 Rob Zombie/Slayer tour. During the Rob Zombie/Slayer tour, Gary took over for Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman.