Glen Benton


“As you know, putting my faith into something is not a choice I make lightly, but Hartke and Samson have made a believer out of me.”

Glen Benton is a name that needs no introduction, but for the benefit of the those that don't know the iconic face of death metal and the mastermind behind Deicide, here's a quick primer... Deicide have sold more than a million album's worldwide and are the world's most revered death metal band, having three of the genre's best-selling albums of all time in their self-titled debut (1990), Legions (1992) and Once Upon The Cross (1995). Deicide joined forces with Century Media Records for the release of their tenth studio album To Hell With God in 2011. Their newest record, In The Minds Of Evil, is being hailed as one of the band's finest with its blistering riffs and rapturous overtones.