Billy Sheehan Mr. Big / The Winery Dogs Gear:
HD25, HyDrive HD115, LH1000
Blaise Sison The Family Stone / Ronnie Foster Gear:
HyDrive 115, HyDrive 410, HyDrive 810, LH1000
Greg Smith Ted Nugent Gear:
HA5500, HyDrive 410, HyDrive 810, LH1000, Concert 99 Guitar
Chris Snowden Gino Rosaria Gear:
HyDrive 112, HyDrive 410, LH500, 410XL
Dale Stewart Seether Gear:
HyDrive HD210, HyDrive HD410, LH1000, TX600
Eric Struthers Aaron Neville Quintet / Neville Brothers Gear:
HyDrive 115, L3200, Resolv RXA6, RS12M HD, RS15 HD, S-mix