Jack Bruce

Cream / Spectrum Road / Solo

“I am honored to be a long time Hartke player. Their aluminum cone speakers and 3500 amps are what I need to perform night after night. From my jazz gigs to the classic sound of Cream. Hartke is my sound.”

Everyone at Hartke and Samson is deeply saddened by the news of Jack Bruce's passing on October 25, 2014. We've had the privilege of working with Jack for decades. He was a true innovator, as his adventurous approach to his instrument influenced many generations of rock bassists. His continued presence in music will be missed.

Jack Bruce got his start on the London music scene playing in local blues-based bands, eventually joining John Mayall's Bluesbreakers where he met Eric Clapton. After developing his jazz skills with Manfred Mann, Jack came together with Clapton and Ginger Baker to form the first ever supergroup, Cream. With Cream, Jack shared lead vocal responsibilites with Clapton and became better known as a songwriter. The Cream years immortalized Jack as a rock legend. After Cream, he wenton to showcasing his amazing ability in many different styles, including a return to his jazz roots. Jack has since played a number of Cream reunion shows and has been on tour with the Tony Williams Lifetime Tribute band, featuring Vernon Reid on guitar, Chris Medeski on organ and Cindy Blackman on drums. Most recently, Jack received the 2011 International Bassist Award at the Winter NAMM show in recognition of his amazing career and influence on music.