Jay Ruston

Producer / Mixer

“I finally found speakers that aren’t hyped on the top and bottom, or brittle in the mid range... Samson's Resolv SE’s are now my go-to monitors. If the mix is slammin' on the Resolv SE's, then it will definitely sound great everywhere.”

Jay Ruston began his recording career in Canada during the early 1990’s, training under the watchful eye of legendary producer Jack Richardson (Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, The Guess Who). In 2002, Jay relocated to Los Angeles,CA, where he quickly fell in favor of producers such as Desmond Child and Peter Asher. Since then, Jay has produced or mixed records for Anthrax, Steel Panther, Diana Ross, Wilson Philips, American Idol, Stone Sour, Meat Loaf, Better Than Ezra, Killswitch Engage, Everclear, Bowling For Soup and many others. Jay currently works from his studio in Sherman Oaks, CA, producing, mixing and mixing in 5.1 surround sound.

Jay Ruston talks about the Resolve SE Studio Monitors