Jody Wisternoff

DJ / Producer

Samson's Z55s are GREAT sounding studio/DJ headphones! The bass level is very accurate where many others go over the top, while the mids and highs really cut through.”

For Jody Wisternoff, between breaking through to the DMC Hip Hop finals as a fresh faced 13-year-old in 1986, and putting the finishing touches to his band's fourth studio album in 2009, a lot has happened in his career. His early 90's act Sub Love were one of the largest draws on the UK Rave festival circuit, while his historic hook up with Bristol DJ Nick Warren in 1994 resulted in epic prog house outfit Way Out West. With big singles ("The Gift", "Ajare", "Mindcircus", "Killa"), the majors came running to the duo, which produced their enormously prolific remix period. Aside from Way Out West's recording success, Jody worked as a DJ in the early '90s behind the decks at massive raves like Universe. In addition, he acquired a 3-year residency at Bristol's seminal Lakota Club, and was also found collaborating with Die of Roni Size's Full Cycle Crew. In the past few years, Jody has continued to travel to Asia, Australia, South America, Mexico, Canada and beyond to spread his own, as well as the Way out West, sound. His recent solo ventures have resulted in releases on such prolific labels as Anjunadeep, Witty Tunes and Dirty Soul. Jody is characterized by his quest for the perfect beat and bass line, the need to layer the best string, to squeeze the most perfect note from the technology available, to match the best track for the best moment at the right party... and it's that constant desire for perfection that drives him on and on.