Joe Quincy

Eye on Attraction

“My Hartke rig fills my tone with low-end punch, while maintaining the note clarity that I need for complex parts.”

From Scranton, PA, Joe Quincy began exploring the bass in middle school. Writing and playing in many bands (from Pop Punk/Rock projects to the high school jazz band), Joe eventually co-founded the band Eye on Attraction (EoA) in 2010. With roots in Prog and Alternative Rock, EoA has built up a diverse song catalog over the years; releasing two EPs, one full length album, and even a "Wizard Rock" record. They've toured across the United States with bands such as Adelita's Way, All That Remains, Upon a Burning Body and The Veer Union. Currently, EoA is recording their most ambitious project yet: "The Method" and "The Madness" EPs. With songs ranging from heavy Southern Rock to Surf Rock... and everything in between, this eagerly anticipated project is scheduled to be released early in 2019.