John "JD" DeServio

Black Label Society

Hartke's HyDrive gear is slammin’! It's what I need to battle The Wall of Doom on the Black Label stage.”

John "JD" DeServio is most well-known as the bass player for Black Label Society, a band who has come to the forefront of today’s rock scene. JD was a member of Pride & Glory, Zack Wylde's southern rock trio, for a short time in December 1994 and went on to be an original member of Black Label Society, playing on the tour supporting the band's 1998 debut album, Sonic Brew. He took a break from Black Label Society to explore a number of creative opportunities, but returned to the band in 2005. He is a proud endorser of Hartke HyDrive bass cabinets and Zoom bass effects pedals. JD also has his own band called Cycle of Pain, whose self-titled debut album was released in April 2009 on Reform Records.