Jordan Rudess

Dream Theater

Samson PA gear sounds incredible when I play my keyboards through them. They are mighty and pack a powerful punch!”

At the age of nine, Jordan Rudess entered the prestigious Juilliard School of Music for classical piano training. By 19, he began to include the rapidly developing world of synthesizers in his performances and recordings. Today, Jordan is a world-renowned recording artist, composer, producer and performer. He has also established his own music software company, Wizdom Music, which recently released the iPad instrument GeoShred.

After meeting John Pettruci, Jordan was featured on the Liquid Tension Experiment albums and later joined Dream Theater. Jordan has released over nine albums with Dream Theater to date and was recently voted the best keyboardist of all-time in MusicRadar magazine. His latest solo album is a solo piano work entitled The Unforgotten Path. In early 2016, Jordan set out on tour with Dream Theater to support their latest album, The Astonishing.

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