Kern Brantley

JJ Lin / Lady Gaga / Beyoncé / Destiny's Child

“I love the tone, power, clarity and punch I get with Hartke's LH1000 amp and HyDrive HD210 and HD115 cabs. ”
Kern Brantley is an American bassist from Detroit, MI with over 25 years of pro experience. Kern has played bass and bass synthesizers for such artists as David Foster, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Diddy, Mary J Blige, Aretha Franklin, Grover Washington Jr. and more. He's also performed on recordings for Will Smith, LL Cool J, Jay Z, Mary J Blige, Puff Daddy, Aretha Franklin and more. In addition, Kern is the CEO of One Band Global Inc., as well as the co-founder of Detroit Bass Day.

Photo: © Juaquenn Gunn II of FranchizeMediaGroup LLC