Kris Rank

Next To None

“I've played Hartke for a while, and have never experienced anything but great bass tone. Even at loud volumes, it always sounds deep and crystal clear.”

Kris Rank began playing bass a mere six years ago, and took quickly to it. What began as a group of friends playing covers eventually became a tight-knit group determined to pursue music. Progressing rapidly alongside his bandmates in both musical taste and ability, Kris found himself using a 5-string bass to record Next To None's debut LP 'A Light In The Dark' at the age of 15. His experience in the studio for the first time sparked a passion for sound, specifically his bass tone. Kris did a lot of research before returning to the studio almost three years later to record Next To None's sophomore effort 'Phases' at the age of 17. Kris's interest in quality bass gear and sound is what led him to Hartke, and he is extremely excited to be part of the Hartke family.