Larry Mitchell

Guitar textures / Grammy award winning music producer

Larry Mitchell is a Grammy Award-winning Producer / Engineer, a 24-time New Mexico Music Awards winner for Production and Engineering in a wide array of categories such as Country, Adult Contemporary, World Music, Native American Contemporary, Native American Traditional, Rap, Rock, Children's Music and Instrumental, and even a New Age Artist in 2011 with the single "A Drift In Time". From 1990 to present day, Larry has released six albums as a solo artist, including 1990, Mind Body Soul, Escape Acoustic Passage Vol. 1, Temptation, Insatiable and Sonic Temple. He's been a side man guitarist with Tracy Chapman, Billy Squier, Ric Ocasek, Robert Mirabal, Dawn Avery, Shelley Morningsong and Joy Harjo. Larry has also appeared in music videos with Sandra Bernhard ("Manic Super Star") and Billy Squier ("Hollywood" and "She Goes Down"), as well as on television with Coolio, Pete Rock and C L Smooth on The Jon Stewart Show and Tracy Chapman (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Aresnio Hall Show).

Larry got started playing guitar at the age of nine after his mom threw his toy drum set out the third story window. He currently plays guitar as his main instrument and he plays bass, drums and keyboards on recordings only.

As a Solo Artist: Larry's first record, Larry Mitchell, was released in 1990 on the Grudge BMG label and followed up with Mind Body Soul via RidgeTop Records (the singer Jessie Colin Young's label). The acclaimed Escape: Acoustic Passages Vol. 1 in 1995 was well received when released on String time Music. String time Music has played host the three other Larry Mitchell records,Insatiable 1999, Temptation 1997, and Sonic Temple 2005.

As a Producer/Engineer: Larry won a 2007 Grammy Award for Johnny Whitehorse "Totemic Flute Chants" the second of Three Native american recordings.

Voted San Diego Music Awards Best Pop Jazz Artist 1999.