Lil Asmar


“My Hartke HD50 Bass Combo lets me lay down the groove.”

After first picking up a bass at the age 7, Lil Asmar immediately found his calling. The son of accomplished multi-instrumentalist Darnell Asmar Johnson, Lil Asmar was motivated to follow in his fathers footsteps and recieved a serious education on the players that would become his major influences. In June 2015, he enrolled in the Elite Preparatory Academy for music in Somerset, NJ. Before officially entering the 2nd Grade, Lil Asmar was featured on the local news and people were starting to pay attention to the kid virtuoso. He also showed incredible stage presence, jamming with professional bands at live music venues throughout the Tri-State Area. At such a young age, Lil Amsar has already made a serious impression on the music community, receiving high praise from notable artists such as Victor Wooten, Nate Watts, Rev Run, Christina Milan, Guns-N-Roses Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Kool (Kool and the Gang) and Bootsy Collins. Most recently, Lil Asmar has appeared on several major TV shows, including Ellen, the Steve Harvey Show and Little Big Shots.