Marco Bicca

The Element / Sigma Project / The Absent Light

“I love using Samson's Z45 headphones for mixing and listening to music, and their drum mics sound incredible!”

A native of Brazil, drummer Marco Bicca was always surrounded by music, as both his parents played the piano. As such, it turned out to be Marco's first instrument, which he still likes to play to come up with new new melodic ideas for his projects. At the age of 15, Marco's interest turned towards the drums. He studied drums in Brazil with Mauricio Leite, a well-known and respected drummer with Chuck Brown (Terry Bozzio, Will Kennedy, Jeff Campitelli, David Garibaldi). Marco went on to play with local Brazilian bands Hades Warden, Móbil Gigante and Evora, the latter with which he recorded Dream Theater's "Peruvian Skies" for a Brazilian tribute CD entitled Lake of Fire. He also played in a Symphony-X tribute band. Currently, Marco resides in Seattle, WA and plays with the bands The Element, The Absent Light and Sigma Project. Other past band projects in the US include LoNero, Eden’s Curse and Shaylon.

Photo: © Neil A. Lim Sang / LimSang Photography