Pete Bremy

Vanilla Fudge / Cactus

“Bass amps have dramatically improved over the years, and Hartke continuously sets the bar. If you want clean power or vintage punch, it's under your control. Just dial it in.”

Pete Bremy began his musical career as a drummer, to which he credits his ability as a groove player. "I can think like a drummer. I'm pretty quick on my feet, and when I get to know them, most of the time I can predict what they're going to do and add pitch to the drums." Pete spent most of his career in the northern New Jersey club circuit until 1998, when he met Vince Martell, lead guitarist of the Vanilla Fudge. Legendary bassist Tim Bogert was Bremy's biggest influence, and he knew most of the Vanilla Fudge material and Cactus as well. When Martell formed a new solo project, he called on Bremy. In January 2002, literally 24 hours before the start of a Vanilla Fudge reunion tour, Bogert was suddenly hospitalized with pneumonia and Pete was called in to sub. Pete continued to sub for Bogert in Vanilla Fudge for years, and in 2008 for Cactus as well. Bogert retired from touring in 2010 and Pete has since been the regular bassist for Vanilla Fudge, and with Cactus since 2012. In 2011, Pete appeared with Vanilla Fudge on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. In addition to performing and recording with Vanilla Fudge and Cactus, Pete has performed with Lou Pallo (Les Paul Trio), Essra Mohawk, The Soul Survivors, T.M. Stevens, and Eddie Brigatti and Gene Cornish.