Rami Beatz

DJ / Producer

“I use Samson's Z55 headphones daily to mix down songs I'm producing and mixing. They're one of my favorite I've ever used. Best of all, they're comfortable!”

A DJ/music producer from Cleveland, OH, Rami Beatz now resides in Los Angeles, CA. While his area code may be new, his presence in the music scene surely is not. Rami's production skills can be heard through tracks such as King Chip's "Ask About Me" featuring Kid Cudi, Machine Gun Kelly's "Save Me" from his debut album 'Lace Up', and Big Sean's "Experimental". Rami has also produced a No. 4 charting song in the UK, which has over tqn million views on YouTube. He has also worked with Anerson Paak, Mac Miller, Juicy J, Krayzie Bone, Cyhi the Prynce, Lorine Chia and more. In addition to creating music with artists, Rami has tackled projects with companies such as McDonald's, Fox Sports and YouTube.