The Saylor Solo Gear:
Concert 88 Guitar, Q8x, Expedition XP800, PS01, Resolv SE8, G-Track Pro, Z45
Adam Schatz Landlady / Civil Engineering / Mrs. Adam Schatz Gear:
Tourtek Instrument Cables, Tourtek Microphone Cables, RSXM12A, Servo 120a
Charles Shelton, Jr. Independent Gear:
CL7, 5Kit, 7Kit, MDR10
Shiffley Gear:
Concert 99 Guitar, Concert 99 Handheld, 8Kit, Q8x, MDR624, MXS3000, RSX115, Samson Graphite 25, Samson Graphite 49
Jenny Slyder Kit Shicker Gear:
Q8, Expedition XP1000, BT4, CT260V, G-Track
Greg Smith Ted Nugent Gear:
HA5500, HyDrive 410, HyDrive 810, LH1000, Concert 99 Guitar
Kye Smith The 5 Minute Drum Chronology Series / Local Resident Failure Gear:
DK707, MixPad® MXP144FX, SR950
Cassandra "Cat" Sotos Tony Harnell (TNT) / Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal / Independent Gear:
Q8, Synth 7 Guitar
Matty Spatola T.I. / Mýa / AstronaughtGang / 1500 Or Nothin' Gear:
Tourtek Instrument Cables, Concert 99 Guitar, Q8
Eric Struthers Aaron Neville Quintet / Neville Brothers Gear:
HyDrive 115, L3200, Resolv RXA6, RS12M HD, RS15 HD, S-mix