Sergio Ortega

The Dives

“The Hartke TX600’s portability, power and tone make it an excellent choice for any gig. I can literally put it in my carry-on suitcase and have the sound I want anywhere I go.”

Like many other children, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Sergio Ortega was introduced to music at the age of 9 with weekly piano lessons. However, unlike most other kids, Serigio's interest grew to include guitar at the age of 13, followed by bass in high school. His love of music was only surpassed by his obsession with playing music as he honed his skills in various Northwest Indiana bands.

Sergio immersed himself further after high school when he was accepted to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, renowned for its high-profile graduates such as Quincy Jones, Elliot Easton and Abraham Laboriel. During his time at Berklee, Sergio mastered even more instruments, mandolin and banjo among them.

After graduation, it was an obvious decision for Sergio to move to New York City to pursue a career in music. His talent, easy-going nature and strict professionalism provided Sergio instant acceptance among the city's elite musiciansm, where he was hired as a studio musician by many high-level producers and joined the orchestras for a number of Broadway and Off-Broadway musicals. In 2014, Sergio joined forces with West End and Broadway luminary Ramin Karimloo as his Musical Director, while also handling guitar, mandolin and banjo duties for multiple tours in theUS, Europe and Asia.

Always happy for any opportunity to perform but still looking for his own creative outlet, in 2016, Sergio picked up his bass again and partnered with several of his extraordinarily talented friends and fellow-musicians to form The Dives, a New York-based rock band. Within just a year, the band released their debut EP Everybody's Talkin' (available now on Spotify at and have performed over 150 shows, including performing before audiences of over 20,000 while opening for KISS this Spring on their UK tour.

Committed to The Dives, Sergio and his bandmates are spending the Summer performing, writing and recording. In August, The Dives will embark on their first US tour hitting cities in all the major markets.