Steve "Baze" Basil

Machine Gun Kelly

“When mixing live or recording the band's rehearsals, I use Samson's MXP144FX to dial in the right sound. It's one of the most consistently used pieces of gear in our studio.”

Steve "Baze" Basil is a multi-instrumentalist/producer from Cleveland, OH. Baze plays bass/keyboards for Machine Gun Kelly. Born in upstate NY, he started violin lessons at the age of three and piano lessons by five. After studying classical violin and jazz piano for several years, Baze began playing piano professionally in a Salsa band at age 14, and joined a Reggae band shortly after. He continued to play piano in both bands and picked up the bass guitar as well, all the while earning a Production and Recording degree from Monroe Community College. It was at this time that Baze joined a Hip-Hop group and discovered his love for instrumental production. He spent two years at Berklee College of Music honing his production skills before dropping out to take a job at Spider Studios in Cleveland, OH. After a relocation to Cleveland, Baze spent a year writing and recording with Downtown Records-signed band Some Kinda Wonderful before getting the opportunity to play keyboards on rapper Machine Gun Kelly's Black Flag mixtape. He became the band's bass/keyboard player soon after. Baze quickly became close with young phenom drummer JP "Rook" Cappelletty, named one of the top 10 drummers in Alternative Press Magazine in 2016, and Brandon "Slim" Allen, Kelly's hype-man, longtime best friend and producer of hits like "End of the Road". Baze has since worked extensively on Machine Gun Kelly's music, including the sophomore album General Admission which reached #1 on Billboard, and co-produced the rapper's newest single "Young Man".