Tim Clement

Lordz of Brooklyn / Dem Brooklyn Bums Big Band

“When I need to play in a setting that requires a battery-powered amplifier, I use Samson's XP106 with a pre-amp. It sounds great, it's lightweight and it has great battery life.”

Tim Clement is a New York-based guitar player who performs regularly in and around the city. Tim says, "The majority of what I do is trad jazz and Django Reinhardt-inspired music, but I grew up listening to rock and still have the sound of those rockers blazing in my mind. So I attempt to bring a little of that to whatever I do." Tim was an original member of Dem Brooklyn Bums Big Band and adds, "We technically weren't a big band, but we swore we were big so nobody called us on the technicalities." He's also toured with The Lordz of Brooklyn, with whom he performed on Late Night with Conan O'Brien in 2007. "I play arenas, bodegas and everything in between!" Coming to a corner store near you...