Vincent Dennis (A.K.A. Vincent Price)

Body Count

“With Hartke, I just plug in and my tone is KILLER!!!”

A true survivor of the LA scene going back to the 1980's and his beginnings in various SoCal punk and metal bands, Vincent Dennis (A.K.A. Vincent Price) has been Body Count's ferocious bass anchor for the past decade and counting. Having honed his skills and intense live presence with notable acts such as Steel Prophet, World In Pain, and Prong, Vincent was a natural for the Body Count gig when Ice-T and company began searching for a new bassist around the turn of the millennium. Vincent made his studio debut on Murder 4 Hire (2006) and has since become a major part of the Body Count machine, co-writing "The Gears of War", Body Count's exclusive contribution to the highly successful Gears Of War 3 video game. Naturally, his footprint is all over the band's latest viciously visceral offering Manslaughter, their first for Sumerian Records, which is set for a Summer 2014 release.