Willie Adler

Lamb of God

Willie Adler joined Lamb of God after the first guitarist, Abe Spear, left the band. Self-taught, Willie is well-known for his unconventional playing style, which includes odd chord shapes, unique timing patterns, atypical rhythms and high usage of his fretting hand's pinky finger. He plays mostly the jagged staccato riffs in Lamb of God's songs, while Mark Morton plays more of the groove-oriented rhythms and solos. Willie is described by bassist John Campbell as a "good time guitar player." His Lamb of God writing credits include "Black Label", "11th Hour", "Blood Junkie", "Hourglass", "Blood of the Scribe", "Beating on Death's Door", "Ashes of the Wake" and "Again We Rise." Thanks to the band's 2009's Wrath album, Lamb of God is currently one of the top metal acts in the world.

Willie Adler of Lamb of God demos the Zoom G5