Samson Education Products

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Our goal with this collection of products is to provide both educators and students a comprehensive overview of Samson products that foster creativity in a wide variety of musical applications. If you need speakers to playback your audio, wired or wireless microphones, or MIDI tools for music creation, Samson has you covered.

Rechargeable Portable Speakers

No AC power? No problem. Never be without your sound. Providing up to 20 hours of operation time on a single charge, the Samson Expedition Rechargeable series gives musicians and non-musicians alike the freedom to use a variety of audio sources for playback in any environment. Connect a microphone, instrument, or play your music wirelessly via Bluetooth with these ultra-portable sound solutions. Learn more

All-In-One Portable PA Systems

Perform anywhere without needing a truck to haul your PA. Providing high quality sound doesn’t need to be cumbersome. The uniquely designed Expedition Portable PA systems pack up into a single unit, weigh from 24 to 50lb and can be setup in just a few minutes... great for a variety of performances or presentations for audiences over 300 people.

Learn more about our full line of Expedition Portable PAs

C01U Pro USB Studio Condenser Microphone

You don’t have to sacrifice quality and convenience to get high quality audio into your computer. The CO1U Pro is ideal when working with ear-training software, teaching recording techniques, or just capturing a student podcast. Simply plug the large diaphragm CO1U Pro into an available USB port (no drivers required), connect your headphones for direct monitoring and use any audio application to achieve clean, dynamic recordings of your favorite audio source. Learn more

Carbon 49 USB MIDI Controller

A quality MIDI keyboard is recommended for any music lab teaching basic theory, composition and notation. Quickly and easily convey your musical ideas with the responsive, velocity-sensitive Carbon 49. It works with any USB port, features dedicated transpose and pitch switches, modulation and pitch wheels, and seamlessly integrates with your computer or iPad via the built-in iPad slot. The included Native Instruments Komplete Elements provides over 3GB of sounds, effects and tools for your music creations. Learn more

Stage 200 Dual-Channel Handheld VHF Wireless System

Ideal for interviews, small performance and Q&A sessions in the classroom or on stage, the Stage 200 and Stage v466 provide two and four users respectively up to 200’ of operation and 12 hours of crisp, reliable VHF handheld wireless microphone operation. The simple setup and easy of use is perfect for novices. Each channel level is controlled from the front panel and sent out individually or mixed together. Learn more

Concert 88 UHF Wireless Systems

When you need the flexibility and reliability of multiple wireless systems that can be used in a variety of environments, Concert 88 provides the solution. Up to 16 systems can be used simultaneously (region dependent). The systems operate up to 8 hours over a 300’ foot range and feature Tone key and Auto mute features improving signal clarity and performance. Available in several configurations including: Handheld, Headset, Guitar, Earset, and Presentation (Lavalier). If you require top performance and a discrete profile, take a look at our micro-miniature SE50 earset microphone. Learn more

SE10/SE50 Earset Microphones

If you’re looking for top vocal performance from microphones that are both low profile and discrete, take a look at the Samson SE10 and SE50. These omni-directional earset mics produce clean, articulate sound from micro-condenser elements. Ideal for vocal performance, presentation and fitness applications, both mics are supplied with adapters to connect to the most popular body pack transmitters. Learn more

XPD1 USB Digital Wireless Systems

Create your own student film, video blog (vlog) or presentation with the XPD1 systems and an iPhone. The XPD1s combine the RXD1 USB receiver dongle and either a Handheld or Beltpack transmitter. Simply connect the RXD1 to an iPhone with the Apple Camera Connection Kit and capture audio directly from its source without worrying about audio being affected by movement of the camera. No iPhone? Hook the RXD1 receiver directly into your computer’s USB port, providing wireless audio for your favorite media applications. Learn more