Samson Expedition Series

Samson Expedition Rechargeable Systems

No AC power? No problem. Never be without your sound. Providing up to 20 hours of operation time on a single charge, the Samson Expedition Rechargeable Series gives musicians and non-musicians alike the freedom to use a variety of audio sources for playback in any environment. Connect a microphone, instrument, or play your music wirelessly via Bluetooth® with these ultra-portable sound solutions.

Expedition Escape

Keep it simple. The lightweight Expedition Escape is an all-in-one portable PA with two input channels that allow you to combine a microphone and line-level device simultaneously. It's 6" woofer and 1" high frequency driver can easily handle the volume required for intimate settings. There’s even a built-in USB port to charge your mobile devices.

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Expedition Express

Weighing in at just 10 pounds, the Expedition Express features a 3-channel mixer with the input flexibility and bass and treble tone control that’s ideal for singer-songwriters who may want to play over some backing tracks. Need more sound? Simply connect another Express using the line output. A wired handheld microphone comes standard.

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Expedition XP106w

If you need a boost in rechargeable portable power, the Expedition XP106 has you covered. This 100-watt system is packed with features, including a 4-channel mixer capable of handling instruments, mobile devices, even wireless and wired microphones. A Music/Speech optimization switch is available and additional units can be added via its line output jack. Choose between the XP106 (handheld wired microphone included) or XP106w (XPD1 Wireless Microphone included). As an added value, the XPD1 wireless microphone can be combined with an Apple Camera Connection kit to give your iPhone high quality wireless audio.

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Expedition XP108w

Small enough to travel wherever life takes you, the Expedition XP108w is equipped to fill large rooms and outdoor settings with big sound. The XP108w packs 200 watts of power with up to 20 hours of battery life, as well as a 4-channel mixer, Bluetooth audio and a wireless microphone, into a rugged enclosure that weighs just under 24 pounds. The XP108w features Voiceover control with priority ducking, as well as a USB wireless port for use with Samson XPD Series USB Digital Wireless Systems (sold separately). Its telescopic handle, smoothing rolling wheels and side microphone mounting clip let you bring great sound anywhere.

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Samson Expedition Portable PA Systems

Perform anywhere without needing a truck to haul your PA. Providing high quality sound doesn’t need to be cumbersome. The Expedition Portable PA systems pack up into a single unit, weighing from 24 to 50 pounds and can be setup in just a few minutes, making them great for a variety of performances or presentations. The powered mixer in each Expedition system can be placed on a desktop or stand-mounted using their optional SMS stand holder.

Expedition XP150

Its size makes it ideal for intimate instrument or vocal performances for up to 100 people, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in features. The Expedition XP150's compact design combines a lightweight 150 watt amplifier and 5-channel mixer into a small chassis that is removable from the back of the speaker.  It supplies the connections needed for microphones, keyboards and mobile devices – XLR, 1/4" and 1/8" inputs. There's a global Reverb, Bass and Treble EQ for the mic inputs and even the option to use a speaker as a floor monitor.

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Expedition XP300

Weighing just under 24 pounds, the Expedition XP300 is perfect for small-sized venues and rooms that hold audiences of 75 to 100 people. Delivering 300 watts of power via dual 6” 2-way speakers, this system includes a 6-channel powered mixer with 24-bit digital FX, Bass and Treble EQ on each channel and a subwoofer output for adding more speakers to the mix. Perfect for cocktail/acoustic musical performances, the XP300 includes features like Bluetooth® and USB connectivity (for optional Samson XPD Series USB Digital Wireless Systems), also making it ideal for streaming music from mobile devices or managing events and presentations.

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Expedition XP800

Designed to balance power and performance, the 8-channel, 800-watt Expedition XP800 is ideal for small musical groups, DJs or presentations in small to medium-sized environments with audiences of 100 to 200 people. It has the connectivity and control of larger PA systems without the hassle. Use everything from microphones, instruments and mobile devices to the Samson XPD USB Digital Wireless systems (sold separately) and Bluetooth streaming. Enjoy 24-bit digital FX, Bass and Treble EQ on each channel and the added flexibility of subwoofer and stereo monitor outputs for added expansion.

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Expedition XP1000

When you need the most power available in a highly portable PA system, the Expedition XP1000 is your choice. Minus the subwoofer output, it's identical to our XP800 but adds larger 10" woofers, 1000 watts of power and two more input channels. Perfect for crowds of up to 300 people. Standard inputs include XLR for mics, 1/4" for instruments, 1/8" and RCA for mobile and line-level devices. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity is also available along with a USB port for the optional XPD USB Digital Wireless systems (sold separately).

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