Piggy Back


60 Watt 2-Channel Mini Stack Discontinued

    The Piggyback will blow the doors off a guitar rig twice its size. The amp is a compact 2-channel powerhouse with 60 Watts, 2-channels, a classic 12AX7 tube pre-amp section and tons of tone control. Independent channel gain controls, bass and treble controls for channel 1, bass, mid and treble controls for channel 2, variable spring reverb, effects send and return jacks, ¼-inch stereo TRS CD input jack, 1/4-inch headphone jack, and a rear panel footswitch. Below the head is the sealed back GH60 speaker cabinet. Loaded with four custom-designed high-output 8-inch drivers, the GH60 reproduces sharp, clear clean tones, and rocks driving distortion tone with unbelievable intensity and depth. This combo will blow users of all levels away.
    • 60 Watt 2-Channel Guitar Amp
    • 4 x 8 Speaker Cabinet with high output Hartke Guitar Drivers
    • 12AX7 Tube Pre-Amp Section with Independent Channel Gain
    • Bass, Mid (channel 2 only) and Treble Controls for each channel
    • Variable Spring Reverb and Effects Send/Return Jacks
    • 1/4-inch Stereo TRS CD Input Jack; 1/4-inch Headphone Jack
    • Jack for channel selection footswitch