Bass Amplifier

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    Hartke's HA2500 Bass Amplifier provides unique circuitry that ensures every nuance of your bass performance is faithfully reproduced no matter what kind of music you play.

    The HA2500 provides 250 watts of power to a 4-ohm speaker system or 180 watts to an 8-ohm speaker system. With that kind of power, the HA2500 is extremely loud and punchy. In addition, the HA2500 offers a number of additional advanced features, including a tube-emulation/solid-state circuit, a built-in compressor, 10-band graphic EQ, Effects loop Send and Return jacks and a Direct Out with Ground Lift and Pre/Post switches.

    High Pass and Low Pass countour knobs provides further tone-shaping control over your bass sound. In addition, the HA2500's protection relay circuitry protects connected speakers from dangerous overloading and prevents "thumps" when powering on or off. Lastly, the HA2500's silver-faced chassis adds a clean, stylish aesthetic to its rugged, roadworthy construction.

    Hartke's HA2500 is an excellent bass amplifier for live performance use in small and medium-size venues. And with its advanced preamp features, the HA2500 is also ideal for studio work. All this, combined with exceptional reliability, makes the HA2500 a staple amplifier for the contemporary bass industry.

    • 250 watts at 4 ohms, 180 watts at 8 ohms
    • Tube-emulation and solid-state preamp circuit
    • 10-band graphic EQ
    • High Pass and Low Pass contour knobs
    • Built-in compressor
    • Active and Passive inputs
    • Protection relay circuitry
    • Effects loop Send and Return jacks
    • Unbalanced 1/4” Speaker Outputs
    • Balanced Direct Out with Ground Lift and Pre/Post switches
    • Rugged, roadworthy construction

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