Join the Revolution

Wireless Legacy

When Samson introduced the first affordable wireless audio system in 1980, we started a revolution and never looked back. Building on this legacy is Samson's Concert 99 Frequency-Agile UHF Wireless System.

A Game-Changer for Performers

Concert 99 levels the playing field by making professional wireless accessible to singers, musicians, presenters and performers at an unprecedented value. Whether you play small clubs, auditoriums or arenas, Concert 99 transforms your performance with crystal-clear sound and the freedom to command the stage like a superstar.

Easy Setup and Dependability

Concert 99 offers 80 channels of high-definition wireless audio in a compact and rugged all-metal receiver. It's easy to operate and features 1-touch setup, so you're ready to perform with just the push of a button.

Available in four configurations (handheld, guitar, earset, lavalier), Concert 99 is the perfect solution for any situation. Its transmitters provide up to eight hours of impressive battery life with no-fuss monitoring to allow you to focus on your performance.

Tour Support

Enjoy peace of mind wherever you perform with Concert 99's True Diversity and Tone Key technology. These features ensure you're always connected to the strongest available signal and protected from unwanted noise when the transmitter is off or out of range.


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