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  • The Mobile Journalist's Toolkit: Filming Life With Your iPhone
    June 9, 2016
    As journalism continues to evolve regarding how news is captured, edited and shared, the leaders will be those who can react quickest and distribute fastest. With more consumption of news taking place on mobile devices and within social media, the modern journalist needs only a handful of tools to become a 1-person production team. The Apple iPhone 6S and 6S ...
  • Straight Talk About Direct Boxes — Part 1
    June 2, 2016
    In the audio world, there are few purchases less glamourous—yet more essential—than the unimposing direct box. It's not the type of product one longs for, or dreams of, one day owning; but it may be the one piece of equipment that can rescue your next live gig or studio session. And for many aspiring musicians, the need for a direct ...
  • Samson's XPD Series USB Digital Wireless Systems are Perfect for Mobile Filmmakers
    May 23, 2016
    If you own an Apple iPhone or iPad, you have a complete video studio in the palm of your hands. Whether you want to produce the next blockbuster film, create a YouTube channel, or become the next streaming news service, Apple mobile products provide the tools to film, edit and distribute. While the iPhone and iPad are great at capturing ...
  • Victor Wooten Rocks Hartke At Sweetwater With Live Performance (Full Video Included)
    May 19, 2016
    On May 19, 2016, bass virtuoso Victor Wooten visited the campus of musical instrument retail giant Sweetwater to demo some of Hartke's newest products. In doing so, Victor gave an inspiring impromtu performance for all of Sweetwater's employees. As it turns out, the whole thing was streamed live... During this performance, Victor played through Hartke's new Kickback KB12 Bass Combo. ...
  • The Hunter Report in NYC with the Stage X1U
    March 29, 2016
    The Samson Stage X1U is the perfect on-the-go solution for capturing wireless audio with your iPhone. See how Hunter Peress from The Hunter Report uses the Stage X1U mic on the streets of New York City. Be sure to check out Hunter on Facebook.
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Podcast Movement 2016 Hyatt Regency Chicago - Chicago, IL July 6, 2016 – July 8, 2016
In July 2016, active and aspiring podcasters, as ...