CES 2016 PRESS RELEASE: Samson Launches Its AirLine 88 Headset Micro Transmitter Wireless System For Active Performers and Fitness Instructors

AirLine 88 Headset

Samson, an industry pioneer in wireless audio technology, is pleased to announce its new AirLine 88 Headset Micro Transmitter UHF Wireless System.

Offering true wireless freedom without the hassle of beltpacks and attachment cables, the AirLine 88 Headset system features the lightweight, sweat resistant AH8 headset. This frequency-agile UHF wireless system offers high definition sound, premium reliability and a 300' operating range for fitness instructors and active performers.

Building on the legacy of the worlds first cable-free wireless system (AirLine 77), the AirLine 88's AH8 combines a micro transmitter and adjustable stainless gooseneck into a low-profile headset that contours to the shape of your head for a secure, relaxed fit. The AH8 includes an internal 8-hour rechargeable lithium ion battery. The AirLine 88 system also features the CR88 Wireless Receiver, which offers 16 selectable channels for interference-free performance no matter where you are.

"With the new generation of AirLine, we wanted to create a system that met the needs of today's high-energy instructors across disciplines such as Zumba, Pilates and Yoga," says Vice President of Engineering Doug Bryant. "The new AirLine 88 system frees these instructors to completely focus on their performance and audiences."

The AirLine 88 Headset system will be available in multiple frequency bands (region dependent), all outside of the 600MHz band that is set for upcoming auction by the FCC. A custom USB-style charger and rackmount kit are included with the system.

For more information on the AirLine 88 Headset Micro Transmitter UHF Wireless System, visit our AirLine 88 Headset webpage.