Electronic Musician Reviews Samson's Graphite M Series USB MIDI Controllers

Electronic Musician May 2014 Cover

In its May 2014 issue, Electronic Musician reviewed Samson's Graphite M Series USB MIDI Controllers. In the article, author Gino Robair not only highlights the key features of each of the four controllers (Graphite M25, M32, MF8 and MD13), but speaks of his overall experience with the entire line. "I used all four of the Samson controllers with Apple Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 9 Suite, and they are essentially plug and play, working easily without a hitch," says Robair. "And the more you use them, the more you'll wonder how you worked without them." Read the Electronic Musician review in its entirety here.

For more information on the Graphite M Series controllers, visit our Graphite M25, M32, MF8 and MD13 webpages.