Hartke at NAMM 2018 Show Recap

By Malcolm Doak

Step across the street from Anaheim’s famous Disneyland Resort and you’ll find yourself in a different kind of Adventureland – The NAMM Show. Every year, the musical instrument, sound reinforcement and pro audio worlds gather to display their newest wares to the industry’s buyers, retailers and distributors. For music aficionados and gear-heads alike, there’s nothing like NAMM. It’s a chance to see the latest and greatest equipment being demo’ed by the most knowledgeable product specialists, and being played by the exceptional artists who bring these instruments to life.

Hartke is no exception. Day after day, countless attendees streamed into the Hartke booth to catch up on recent innovations, to experience the new product being debuted, and for those exciting artist appearances. 5-time Grammy Award-winning bassist Victor Wooten stopped by on Saturday to perform using Hartke bass amps. Bassist Billy Sheehan, along with members of Machine Gun Kelly, Dead Poet Society and many other artists, also stopped by to check out the action.

In the high-tech hang known as ACC North, the most recent addition to the colossal Anaheim Convention Center, Hartke debuted the latest innovative products for the modern bass musician.

Packing 300 watts into a 5-pound package is the Hartke TX300, the latest addition to the TX Bass Amplifier Series. With a staggering power-to-pound ratio, enhanced EQ, professional patch panel, and advanced dynamic control, the TX300 is the perfect performance amp. The 3-band EQ is augmented by the Hartke Shape control, expanding the EQ performance to deliver spectacular tonal shadings. Dial in the Drive circuit to push the preamp a little harder, introducing a degree of gentle harmonic warmth on up to a full-on fuzz effect. Dynamic control comes from the onboard compressor. The rear panel provides a preamp/power amp loop, an XLR line output, plus both a 1/4" phone jack and twist/lock speaker outputs. Upfront, the TX300 features a headphone out and a stereo aux in, making it ideal for private practice.

The perfect complement to the TX300, the HyDrive 112b weighs in at 33 pounds, yet it can handle up to 300 watts of power (4Ω load). Easily transported, this latest and most portable member of the HyDrive Bass Cabinet family shares the same HyDrive Speaker Technology, melding a straight aluminum inner cone to a reinforced paper curved outer cone for optimum performance. The plywood enclosure provides extensive bracing and solid dado joinery to minimize power loss. Rugged vinyl wrapping, reinforced corner, and a steel grill all ensure extra protection.

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