Hartke XL V2 Bass Cabinets | Simply Legendary


In 1984, Hartke revolutionized bass amplification with the first all-aluminum cone driver which produced bass tone with broader dynamics than ever before. This led to the original Hartke XL Series Bass Cabinets. Now, to commemorate 35 years of the "Hartke Sound", the new XL V2 Bass Cabinets house Hartke's classic all-aluminum speaker design inside a more durable, modern-looking cabinet enclosure.

Transient Response

Aluminum cones transmit sound three and a half times quicker than paper. The signal gets through the aluminum cones quicker and more intact so there is less coloration and less distortion, than with a paper cone. Aluminum cones have a wider, cleaner frequency range and are a more rigid piston than paper cones which in turn provides solid low end.

Available as the 410XL V2, which features four 10" XL drivers with 400 watts of power handling and a twin chamber, dual-ported design. The 210 XL V2 has two 10" XL drivers with 200 watts of power handling housed in a tuned single-chamber, sealed cabinet.

210XL V2 | 2x10" | 200W

410XL V2 | 4x10" | 400W