The Mobile Journalist's Toolkit: Filming Life With Your iPhone

As journalism continues to evolve regarding how news is captured, edited and shared, the leaders will be those who can react quickest and distribute fastest. With more consumption of news taking place on mobile devices and within social media, the modern journalist needs only a handful of tools to become a 1-person production team.

The Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus can capture video with up to 4k resolution, competing with some of the best DSLRs available at a mere fraction of the cost. Simply download an inexpensive, yet powerful video app such as FiLMiC Pro and capture stunning video and audio that can be instantly uploaded through supported clients, including Facebook, Vimeo, Dropbox and more. If you need to do some quick edits, native apps like iMovie make the process a snap.

An often over-looked aspect of shooting video from your iPhone is its limited ability to capture audio. What if you wanted to capture audio directly from the source without the need of cumbersome cables? Previously, aside from the built-in microphone, there were only wired lavalier, stereo and shotguns mics that connected directly to the device. These options can result in less than optimal results and offer no real solution for capturing audio at a distance. Samson's XPD Series USB Digital Wireless Systems provide the answer. With three configurations to choose from (Handhled, Headset and Lavalier), the XPD system gives you the freedom to frame the ideal shot while directly capturing audio up-close or from a distance. It’s the simplest and most affordable professional wireless system that integrates with the iPhone. All you need is an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter connection kit and a XPD system and you’re ready to go.

Speaking of framing, enhance your iOS filmmaking experience with iOgrapher mobile multi-media cases for the iPad and iPhone. Not only will these cases help you keep a steady hand while shooting, but they also allow you to adapt additional lenses and lights for enhanced performance.

For around $199, you can have a complete solution that is perfect for interviews, sports reporting or covering press conferences.