NAMM 2016 PRESS RELEASE: Hartke's New Bass Attack 2 Pedal Delivers Direct Box Capabilities, Along With Premium Preamp Circuitry And Overdrive Effects

Bass Attack 2

Hartke, a renowned innovator of bass amplification, is pleased to introduce the new Bass Attack 2 pedal. The Bass Attack 2 combines Hartke's classic preamp circuitry with thick overdrive tones and a low-noise direct box into a rugged zinc die cast stompbox design. It's the ultimate tool for both live bass performance and studio recording.

This 2nd generation of the Hartke Bass Attack offers unique preamp tone sculpting capabilities. The stompbox gives players access to Hartke's Shape circuit, which activates a specialized preset EQ curve that can be customized using the Shape Frequency and Amount knobs. Players can also add a little extra color with the Bass and Treble knobs, along with the dedicated Contour switch.

The Bass Attack 2's Overdrive circuit provides bass players with creative control over their tone from subtle tube emulation to grungy fuzz. The Tone and Mix knobs let you determine the perfect amount of high-frequency growl and blend between distorted and dry signals.

The Bass Attack 2 provides direct output options for FOH or studio recording consoles. It features a 1/4" parallel output for dry signals, a 1/4" effect output for your amp, and a balanced XLR direct output. In addition, its Pre/Post switch allows players to adjust the sound on stage without affecting the direct output signal. The Bass Attack 2 can even operate off a mixer's phantom power via its XLR jack.

Download the Bass Attack 2 Sell Sheet.

For more information on the Bass Attack 2 Bass Preamp/Direct Box with Overdrive, visit the Bass Attack 2 webpage.