NAMM 2016 PRESS RELEASE: Hartke's Expands Bass Player's Creativity With All-New Chorus And Fuzz Pedals

HC33 & HF44

Hartke, a renowned innovator of bass amplification, is excited to introduce two all-analog, true bypass stompboxes optimized for bass players, the HC33 Analog Bass Chorus and HF44 Bass Fuzz pedals.

The Hartke HC33 Analog Bass Chorus Pedal features all-analog circuitry for adding lush, shimmering accents to your sound. From vibrant modulation to elegant swirls, the HC33 has you covered. A Depth knob lets you set the modulation sweep amount, while the Speed knob adjusts the rate of the chorus effect.

The Hartke HF44 Bass Fuzz Pedal delivers the classic fat distortion of vintage effects boxes. The HF44's Field Effect Transistor (FET) circuit design delivers the high-voltage saturated sound of a tube, while the Mid and Tone controls dial in the harmonic character and high-frequency edge needed for aggressive riffs.

Download the HC33 and HF44 Sell Sheets.

For more information on the HC33 Analog Bass Chorus Pedal and HF44 Bass Fuzz Pedal, visit the HC33 and HF44 webpages.