NAMM 2016 PRESS RELEASE: Hartke Introduces New American-Made Nickel And Stainless Steel Bass Guitar Strings

Nx & Sx Series

Hartke, an industry leader in bass innovation, is pleased to introduce its new Nx (nickel) and Sx (stainless steel) Series round wound bass guitar strings.

The American-made Nx and Sx Premium Bass Guitar Strings provide Serious Tone® and enhanced playability for the modern bass player. Featuring hex core wire that has been precisely wound to ensure true intonation, these strings are engineered to produce the fundamentals of your bass. The important dynamics of deep bass, tight mid range and bright high end are delivered with balance and consistency for a smooth feel from string to string.

The Nx Premium Nickel Bass Strings generate a bright tone that is ideal for classic rock, folk and other genres where a crisp, yet mellow tone is needed. They offer a soft feel that is smooth on your hands and easy on your bass guitar's frets.

The Sx Premium Stainless Steel Bass Strings produce a super-bright tone that is ideal for funk, metal and other genres where an aggressive, dynamic tone is needed. They create long lasting tone with a distinct punch.

Both the Nx and Sx Series are packaged in 4 and 5-string sets, available in Extra Light (40, 60, 80, 100, [120]), Light (45, 65, 85, 105, [125]) and Medium (50, 75, 95, 110, [130]) gauges.

Download the Nx and Sx Series Sell Sheets.

For more information on the Nx and Sx Bass Guitar Strings, visit the Nx and Sx webpages.