NAMM PRESS RELEASE: Samson's Auro X Series 1000W 2-Way Active Loudspeakers, A New Value Standard In Loudspeaker Performance

Auro X Series

NOW AVAILABLE: Samson's Auro X Series 2-Way Active Loudspeakers match ultra-efficient power with extensive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and rugged portability to create a new value standard in loudspeaker performance. Encompassing two compact designs (X12D and X15D), the Auro X Series provides versatile speaker solutions for musicians, DJs and live sound professionals.

Both the Auro X12D and X15D feature a lightweight 1,000-watt Class D amplifier and Samson's proprietary R.A.M.P. (Reactive Alignment, Maximum Protection) DSP technology. The DSP provides Reactive Alignment filters to enhance transducer performance. It also offers Maximum Protection to the speakers' components via thermal and over current sensors.

Thanks to their respective 12" and 15" extended low frequency drivers and accompanying 1.34" compression drivers, the Auro X12D and X15D generate a well balanced and incredibly articulate audio experience. Both models offer two input channels, along with 3-position EQ and high pass filter presets to optimize the speakers' performance for different setups and applications. For additional convenience, these speakers each offer two ergonomic carry handles. Lastly, their solid polypropylene construction, impact resistant design and full metal grills ensure roadworthy durability.

Download the Auro X12D / X15D Cutsheet.

For more information on the Auro X Series 1000W 2-Way Active Loudspeakers, visit our Auro X12D and X15D webpages.