NAMM PRESS RELEASE: Samson's Dual-Channel Concert 288 System Takes The Worry Out Of Wireless With Four Configurations Covering Any Application

Concert 288

NOW AVAILABLE: Samson takes the worry out of wireless with the Concert 288 Dual-Channel Wireless System. Offering easy setup, flawless operation and premium sound in four unique configurations, the Concert 288 system offers high-performance UHF wireless solutions for multi-user applications.

The dual-channel, frequency-agile Concert 288 wireless system provides a best-in-class 300' wireless range and can support the simultaneous operation of up to 24 systems/48 performers (region dependent). The system's rack-mountable CR288 Wireless Receiver utilizes a true diversity, dual-antenna design to avoid dropouts. To reduce interference, the CR288 offers 32 selectable frequency options between the two performers. Tone Key technology further prevents stray RF interference from affecting performance. The CR288 provides fast and easy setup with IR technology that wirelessly matches the operating channels of the transmitters to the receiver, as well as a dual 7-segment LED to monitor the channels.

The Concert 288 system is available in four unique multi-transmitter configurations: Handheld, Pro Combo, All-In-One and Presentation. The Concert 288 Handheld features two CH288 Handheld Transmitters with Q6 Dynamic Microphone capsules. The Concert 288 Pro Combo offers one CH288 transmitter with a Q6 mic capsule, as well as one CB288 Beltpack Transmitter with the pro-level SE10 Earset Microphone. The Concert 288 All-In-One provides one CH288 transmitter with a Q6 mic capsule, as well as one CB288 transmitter with both LM5 lavalier and HS5 headset microphones. Lastly, the Concert 288 Presentation includes two CB288 transmitters with two LM5 lavalier mics and two HS5 headset mics. These mic options bring maximum versatility to any dual-user application.

Download the Concert 288 Handheld Cutsheet.
Download the Concert 288 Pro Combo Cutsheet.
Download the Concert 288 All-In-One Cutsheet.
Download the Concert 288 Presentation Cutsheet.

For more information on Concert 288, visit our Concert 288 Handheld, Pro Combo, All-In-One and Presentation webpages.