NAMM PRESS RELEASE: Samson's Synth 7 Is The Future Of Professional Wireless

Synth 7

NOW AVAILABLE: Samson's new Synth 7 raises the standard for premium UHF wireless performance. Available in five unique configurations (Handheld, Guitar, Headset, Earset, Presentation), the Synth 7 system features rugged all-metal construction, as well as dynamic LCD setup and monitoring options. Together with advanced system features and flawless operation, Synth 7 is the future of professional wireless.

Synth 7 features the all-metal, rack-mountable UR7 Wireless Receiver with a stage-inspired, multifunctional full-color display. The vibrant LCD hosts the system’s auto frequency spectrum analyzer that identifies the best channel for a given performance location. Via the LCD, you can also manually select from over 100 channels, monitor the battery life of your transmitter and set Squelch preferences. Synth 7 provides a best-in-class 300' wireless range and can support the simultaneous operation of up to 20 systems (region dependent).

The Synth 7 Handheld features the all-metal UH7 Handheld Transmitter with a Samson Q8 microphone capsule for incredible sound quality, minimal handling noise and superior feedback rejection. Meanwhile, the all-metal UB7 Beltpack Transmitter comes with the Synth 7 Guitar (with Samson GC32 cable), Headset (with Samson QV headset mic), Earset (with Samson SE10 earset mic) and Presentation (with Samson LM10 lavalier mic) configurations. Both transmitters feature a backlit LCD for monitoring battery life (up to 15 hours on two AA batteries) and 1-touch clean Mute control. Lastly, convenient IR set technology wirelessly matches the operating channel of the transmitter to the receiver.

Download the Synth 7 Handheld Cutsheet.
Download the Synth 7 Guitar Cutsheet.
Download the Synth 7 Headset Cutsheet.
Download the Synth 7 Earset Cutsheet.
Download the Synth 7 Presentation Cutsheet.

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