PRESS RELEASE (NOW AVAILABLE): Samson’s MixPad® Series Represents A New Era Of Possibility For Affordable Live Mixers

MixPad MXP Analog Stereo Mixers

The all-new MixPad® Series Analog Stereo Mixers integrate Samson's commitment to quality, affordability and professional specs into two analog models (MXP124, MXP144) and two USB models with digital effects (MXP124FX, MXP144FX). These lightweight mixers offer all of the sonic clarity, ease of use and premium performance that serious musicians demand.

All designed in 12-channel configurations, the MXP124 (four Mic/Line, four stereo channels) and MXP144 (six Mic/Line, four stereo channels) boast incredible features, including high quality faders for precise control. Meanwhile, the MXP124FX (four Mic/Line, four stereo channels) and MXP144FX (six Mic/Line, four stereo channels) also feature 99 onboard DSP effects and a USB I/O for streaming music or recording to your favorite DAW software. For all four mixers, each mono channel is equipped with professional quality mic preamps that have the ideal combination of high headroom and low noise. For optimal vocal performance, each Mic/Line channel also has dedicated gain controls and high pass filters. There are also compressor controls on the first two Mic/Line channels on the MXP124 and MXP124FX, and the first four Mic/Line channels on the MXP144 and MXP144FX.

These stylish MixPad® mixers are the answer to all your live performance needs. All four models offer dedicated 3-band EQ (Low, Mid, High) and mute switches on each channel, while select stereo channels feature multiple input options and center-dented pan (mono) or balance (stereo) controls. Other useful specs on all the mixers include onboard phantom power for integrating condenser microphones into your setup, as well as a headphone jack with its own level control for precise monitoring of your mix. Each mixer also has Peak LED indicators on every channel and 4-segment stereo LED VU meters on the master output section to help protect all your gear and maintain proper levels for your audience.

Portable, easy to use and jam-packed with features that ensure optimal control over your performance, Samson's MixPad® Series represents a new era of possibility for affordable live mixers.

Download the MXP124 / MXP144 Cutsheet.
Download the MXP124FX / MXP144FX Cutsheet.

For more information on the MixPad® Series mixers, visit our MXP124, MXP124FX, MXP144 and MXP144FX webpages.