PRESS RELEASE (NOW AVAILABLE): Samson’s Resolv RXA Studio Monitors With Air Displacement Ribbon Tweeters Bring Sonic Excellence To Any Studio

Resolv RXA 2-Way Active Studio Monitors

Samson Resolv RXA 2-Way Active Studio Monitors deliver the detailed sonic elements that are essential for any studio. Uniting the latest advances in speaker technology and active electronics, the RXAs are true reference, professional studio monitors with a flat frequency response. No hype, just precise audio imaging for recording, mixing, mastering and all multimedia applications.

At the core of the RXA5 (70 watts, 50Hz–27kHz) and RXA6 (100 watts, 45Hz–27kHz) is Samson's newly-developed Air Displacement Ribbon Tweeter. The tweeter's corrugated ribbon design is able to move four times the air of a standard dome tweeter. The result is a linear response with extended high frequency, accurate phase response and extremely low distortion, allowing you to hear the subtle details of a mix such as mic placement and room ambience. In addition, the speakers' 5" and 6" copolymer woofers with butyl coating force a fast recovery and quick transient response for tight, low-end performance.

The RXA monitors employ a bi-amplified design (separate amps for both the woofer and tweeter) that optimizes the power efficiency of the Class A/B design. This ensures serious dynamic headroom, while reducing intermodulation distortion. The monitors also feature a multi-pole crossover design that's perfectly adjusted to the tuning of the monitors' components, providing optimal performance and maximum SPL.

Combining a sleek design, high-end components and meticulous engineering, Samson's Resolv RXA studio monitors offer a true reference sound with no unnecessary color and distracting hype, just precise audio imaging for authentic and critical sound reproduction.

Download the Resolv RXA Cutsheet.

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